Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mother and Son Reunion

Weeks passed and after several months Blanchette was still without a companion since the death of Negrette. It is the first time in her life being alone. She turned to me for the contact and friendship and I was obliged to go see her often. Luckily my  neighbor let me put her on some land behind his house so she knew I was nearby.

I thought a lot about options for ending her solitude. I couldn’t just put her with any horse because she could act aggressive towards other horses especially when she was upset or depressed. So I  hesitated and I waited for some clarity.

Then a miracle happened.   Middle of May I received a call from the woman who had adopted Scipion, the youngest of the three horses that I had rescued , and Blanchette’s son. She told me that Scipion wasn’t doing well, that he limped constantly and could not be ridden. She said that she didn’t want to keep him anymore. Without the slightest hesitation I said that I would come get 
him as soon as possible.

So just like that I did something that I never could have imagined having the courage to do.  I rented a horse transport vehicle in Lyon and I drove the 7 hour route to go get him. I couldn’t find anyone available to go with me so I did it alone. For the transport Scipion was given some very strong pain killers from the vet to help him make the trip comfortably. After a difficult time getting him to go into the van, the trip went well.

When we arrived and I put him into the pasture with Blanchette there was a heart warming reunion. They jumped and whinnied for joy and ran around together and instantly became inseparable.  As I wrote on the blog when Scipion  was around 5 years old, their separation when he was adopted was very difficult. They had been together and never separated since he was born ( and of course castrated). Blanchette had been so upset when he left, and she kept calling/neighing for him for three days afterwards.  She was so happy to see him again and they are as sweet and affectionate as two horses can be together.