Meet Them


Blanchette is Scipion's mother. She was born around 12 years ago in the same place where she now lives. She is timid and it took me a long time to gain her confidence. Blanchette is super sweet, gentle, and sensitive. She doesn't have an ounce of meanness and she never shows dominant behavior. It has been difficult to train her because she is fearful. Also because Scipion succeeds in pushing her around and making her nervous. When I try to work with her in training he interferes with his juvenile dominant or jealous behavior.  Blanchette loves when I touch her face very very lightly, especially her eyes and nostrils.  She loves hugs. She is a peach.


"What a handsome boy I am, look at me."  Yes indeed he is simply adorable, a big baby who manages to charm you despite his naughty childish behavior. Scipion is not shy and will come right away to say hello to everyone. He likes humans a lot and is affectionate. He seeks our attention and is always interested in interacting with us. This aspect of his character added to his youth makes him a good bet  for learning the ropes of how to be a good riding and companion horse. He is loaded with character and likes to play, having the ability to make you laugh with his antics. But he needs discipline, as does any child. He is still a baby at 7 years old because he has never been given the experiences he needs in order to mature. 






Negrette is a nice old ( 20+?) gal who has a touch of independence in her character.   If she doesn't come say hello right away it's just that she has other things to do. Mainly she is busy rubbing up against tree trunks because she is so itchy from an untreated skin condition.  She is easy to work with and has had some training being the newest addition to the group, purchased by the owner around 5 years ago to replace another pony who had died.  The pony is an essential  tool that allows the other two semi-wild horses to be managed.  When the owner wants to move them to another field he puts a halter on the pony and leads her while the others follow.   Negrette is a good solid pony; docile, gentle and easy to control.  She provides excellent companionship for her pasture mates, causes no trouble and gets along with everyone. She also likes hugs.  

Negrette has an awful untreated skin condition that will require veterinary treatment and long term care.  It seems to be allergy related, maybe to insects,  being much worse in Spring and Summer. She has sores all over which are worse on her mane, ears, belly and tail.  She suffers from constant itch and makes things worse by rubbing her skin raw on tree trunks. I have tried to help it by cleaning the open sores and treating them with antiseptic but this is only helping the symptom not the cause.