Friday, November 11, 2016

Latest News: Cushing's Disease and a Big Move

Hello supporters,
Since August 2015, in order to provide a small, quality refuge for Blanchette and Negrette,  I have been renting a house with 5 acres (2 hectares) of land.  It has been good to have them right there so that I could give them daily attention.  Blanchette is better trained now to give her feet for hoof maintenance and Negrette's skin allergy has been under control. Recently I saw changes that indicated Cushing's disease, a veterinarian confirmed it, and so we started treatment.  They are responding well to the medication and it is great to see them having energy and being in good spirits again. However the medication must be given daily and it is expensive in France (only one manufacturer) at over 100 euros a month for the two horses. I hope to find a way to get it in the USA for less cost, but for now donations are needed to help pay for the medication here.

Cost in also one of the reasons that the refuge and I are making a big move, leaving the south of France to live in the Burgundy region, an hour north of Lyon.  There I can rent a house for less, and  there are horse lovers to donate a place on their land for Blanchette and Negrette, thus reducing the cost of doing the refuge. There will however be an initial cost for their transport. A professional  transporter charges .90 per km (520km) plus gas, so around €550.  Our transport will be provided by Ervin of Association Cheval Affairs, who maintains a horse refuge with over 30 horses; so paying him for the transport helps to earn some money for his costs as well.  This doubles the value of donations,  helping two horse refuges at the same time!!
Ervin Van-der-Weele of Cheval Affaires in SW France
The necessity for a fundraising effort is strong now given both the medication and transport costs, even though the time required for fundraising makes it difficult.  I last raised funds for the non-profit Helping 3 Horses Association in July 2014.  Since then there have been €3037  of  basic costs for the refuge,  plus the previously existing deficit for a total of €3160 out of my pocket to date, really hard on my low single income.  Add to that the pending costs of transport €550, and 6 months of medication €700 and you can see why funding is needed.  If all my 100+ Facebook and other friends who didn't give last time gave just $/€ 10 or $/€ 20, that could be €2000 to help offset this projected € 4140 cost deficit.  So let's do it!!!  Let's not get dragged down by current affairs! Let's keep acting to make a difference for deeper values.  Please click on the DONATIONS WEBSITE  above to make a tax deductible donation by PayPal (or check)with the DONATE link, You can also get more info on the horse rescue/refuge story by exploring the other links on this blog page.

Merci Beaucoup,
Sherri Opiel from Portland who stayed with me in 2015 and made a generous donation for the horse refuge. Maybe there are others among you who would like to stay with me in France in exchange for a donation to the refuge !

Blanchette, Negrette and Jeannine