Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some Help Some Progress

Trying to help these horses by myself for the past three years has meant things have progressed very slowly, partly because there are three horses and only one me, but also largely because I am an amateur, with no prior experience training horses. I have had a bit of help here and there, and a few lessons from experienced people. But it became clear to me recently that I had reached a point where I could not get any further without help from experienced people.

Feeling very to find people who lived close enough and who could or would come. I was  aware of a family living outside my village who had horses and I had heard that there were daughters who did serious equestrian competitions. I summoned up the courage and I drove up their driveway armed with shocking photos of the terrible condition of the hooves.  The family came out and sat down with me on the patio to hear the story. When I had finished, this beautiful young woman, Virginie, said that she could come a few times to help with training before she became too busy with a new job.

Today was the first day that she came to work with the horses, and it was a very very good day. The main reason I have not been able to progress with Blanchette is because her offspring, Scipion, always comes and interferes when I try. Scipion has never been separated from his mother for the seven years of his life. This is not normal, and means things are problematic. Scipion wants all the attention and will not let me work with Blanchette. But today I could keep Scipion occupied while Virginie  worked with Blanchette.
And it was amazing..for the first time Blanchette didn't run away, accepted the halter and took some steps to come with the lead attached.This is some progress. Thanks Virginie!